Thursday, May 14, 2009

marinade and tofu love

I like tofu. You might as well click on something else right now if you don’t because there will be a little tofu love going on in this post.

The Significant Eater has been a bit antsy lately, wanting to add meat to the menu and that is just is not my thing. The barbecue is a great vehicle of compromise. A steak can be cooked in minutes and domestic life can return to an even keel.

With a little sunshine on the weekend I was summonsed to throw something for myself to eat, onto the grill for lunch. Having only had breakfast a couple of hours earlier, I really couldn’t be fussed. Tofu is mercifully light and versatile. I often stir fry it plain, without marinating but on the barbie I like to add some flavour to meet the robustness of the smoky flame. The following is one of the simplest marinades for tofu, it doesn’t take long and it also works well with mushrooms.

Barbecued tofu open sandwich

For the marinade
Tamari – I used Lucy’s lovely syrupy mandarin tamari that gave it a little extra depth but regular is fine
Mirin – the sweetness is the key, saki will do at a pinch
Chilli, garlic and or root ginger

I use about 2 parts tamari to 1 part mirin. You are aiming for that moment when salty and sweet flavours meet in the middle. Just mix, taste and adjust as necessary. It’s not rocket science. Finely microplane or chop your herbs. Garlic and ginger is my favourite combination but with the abundance of chillies at the moment a little hot chilli on its own worked just fine.

Use firm tofu (not silken), drain, wrap in a clean tea towel and gently press. Or leave wrapped, on a plate with another plate and a weight on top to remove excess water. Pat dry. Cut into desired shapes eg: slices for a burger, cubes for kebabs. Place tofu in the marinade, turning occasionally for 20-30 minutes.

Shake of any excess fluid and barbecue or pan fry.

This made an excellent open sandwich on lightly toasted shallot bread, a dab of mayo and crowned with the SE’s excellent salad. We grilled some corn in their husks, my favourite way of cooking it, which occupied the empty spot on the plate.

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Blogger Ann oDyne said...

I love tofu too.
grate the ginger, mince the garlic, get pan with good oil, fine chop parsley or chives to top it all.

and corn on the cob has been a staple this week. yum.

10:03 pm  
Blogger docwitch said...

I have a fondness for tofu too. I like it baked in t'oven (tamari, oil, garlic and ginger) and served with roasted root vegies that have been done the same way.

Then I slosh some of your tahini miso dressing over the top. Soo good.

10:33 pm  
Blogger Johanna said...

I love tofu too - it is so versatile - but I don't do the marinade and grill enough - your sandwich with bbq corn sounds delicious - I went through a phase of roasting marinated tofu (with vegies) a few years back and keep thinking I need to do so again.

10:07 am  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Me like tofu, too!

Especially with all of those things. Currently drying more mandarin peels on the windowsill as I'm just about to run out of that tamari.

2:18 pm  

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