Tuesday, April 14, 2009

heading home

Am heading back across the Tasman. Will probably be blogging about blunt knives, 101 uses for a toasted sandwich maker and the consistency of kedgeree any day soon...Well maybe!

In the meantime Rita has hit town and is wanting your favourite CBD dinner spot, so Melbourne bloggers it's time to comment on your favourite little spots to grab a bite in the heart of town. Am sure she knows the big ones (Vue etc), my vote is for Cookie.

And yours?



Blogger Maggie said...

My vote is for Comme Kitchen, in Albert place (I think). Most amazing bar to drink in before hand. The chairs cost more than my education, each.

The little restaurant is placed elegantly under a massive marble staircase, impossible to imaging but very clever.

Beautiful food. Designed to be shared, lots of little plates, but with a european flavour. Wine list is a cracker as well.

Not cheap, but with here you get what you pay for.

7:10 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Ciccolina. Just because everyone from out of town who visits it falls immediately in love.

8:41 am  
Blogger shula said...

Guiseppe Arnaldo, an Italian restuarant on Southbank.

Not cheap, and they don't take bookings, but I swear to God I will never recover from their Buffalo Mozzarella.

On a cheaper note, a recent find was Sri Lankan - Sigiri on High Street in Northcote - affordable and delicious.

6:19 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Maggie - Ahhh Comme, I wonder if I will ever eat there. Oh I so miss the heady days of friends with expense accounts!

Lucy - shhhhh far too many people eat at Ciccolina already :)

Shula - GAS has had such mixed reviews, am glad they have they gave you a memorable experience. I am a fan of Sigiri too - you know Sheni's curries in the city was started by those guys (though they have since sold the Northcote restaurant to people who worked there).

6:26 pm  

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