Friday, March 27, 2009

celebrating an artist

Birthdays come and go.

Got to admit I play cat and mouse with my own. I love the idea of celebrating the life of someone I care about but a festival of the self makes me squirm a little.

Blogs have birthdays too and one of my favourites has just turned three.

It is really difficult trying to explain to those who have a more utilitarian relationship with the virtual world the role blogs play in my life. Sure, they can indulge my obsession with food, others are weirdly voyeuristic (how I miss “Greg the Boyfriend’s” well crafted nihilism) but a real gem is one that stimulates more than my appetite.

It has been an absolute pleasure to get to know Lucy, first through “Nourish Me”, next as a friend and then as an artist. Yes, she is a modest creature. Those beautifully crafted photographs are not an accident. I know the “a” word doesn’t always sit comfortably even after acquiring a fine arts degree but what else do you call someone who understands natural light, composition and colour?

And she can cook, write and draw!

And much more.

One thing she is a little shy about is self-promotion. For months a little venture to share her photography with the world has been sitting quietly in the digital cosmos and now it is finally launched. You can find Lucy’s beautiful photos for sale at Red Bubble (a lovely Aussie site which means for locals there is no currency conversion and for those with the pound, euro of different kind of dollars the cost is even more ridiculously cheap!).

Stop by to see her photos and stock up on some beautiful cards to cheer up your day. What better way to wish someone “Happy Birthday”.

Oranges by Lucinda Dodds. Reproduced with permission from the artist

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Anonymous Lucy said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks, gorgeous.

Redbubble are fantastic - kinda like an Aussie flickr service and are actually doing well, attracting contributers from all over the world. Glad you like the oranges - I picked them from a tree that hung over the fenceline of the last place we lived in. I miss them.

10:13 am  

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