Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Silverbeet/Chard was a vegetable I dodged as a child. Once I started growing it, ten years ago, it heralded the renaissance of our relationship. Coarser than than English spinach and its flavour earthier, I am beginning to like it more than it's delicate replacement.

Here are four simple ways we have eaten silverbeet this week:

Washed and the water shaken from the leaves, tossed in a pan with olive oil and garlic, cooked til tender.

In a curry (flavoured by Sri Lankan powder, tamarind, extra chillies and tomatoes from the garden) with chickpeas, potato, carrot, potato and beetroot. (The beets were sweet and delicious, be brave and throw them in your next vegetable curry).

With olive oil, onion, garlic, anchovies, preserved lemons and olives, tossed through some gluten free pasta.

A quick lunch, softened in butter with garlic, two eggs, cherry tomatoes, my battered old smallest frypan.


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Blogger Johanna said...

All look good! I too have overcome a hatred of silverbeet - I used to hate that my mum grew it and now I love getting it from her garden - am hoping to try it cooked in coconut milk and spices as seen on Dessert Diet and Dogs recently

12:17 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

How I loathed it as a small person. Yet if mum had had access to rainbow chard, things would have been very different - those coloured stalks would make any child happy to at least try the stuff. Love it now, though. Especially with eggs.

I find it's more 'iron-y' flavoured than spinach, and far less astringent. Does that make sense?

1:03 pm  
Blogger Christina said...

I'll take chard over spinach any day: it's prettier, it's a tougher garden plant, and it when I eat it, I know it's something I've grown. I feel like it tastes more like where it has grown than spinach does. Does that make sense? Can chard have, what's that wine word?, terroir?

10:42 am  

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