Thursday, May 07, 2009

simple #3

Am a bit of an empty vessel lately.

It’s not as if I cook extravagantly at the best of times. I like simple. So here is some more simple food in lieu of formal recipes.

Soup de jour: Mushroom – simply finely sliced onion, garlic, the best mushrooms I could find. Simmered in good vegetable stock (Marigold) and seasoned with black pepper, a dash of brandy and a knob of butter.

Leftovers: The SE made his signature dish, “Spicy Baked Fish with Vegetables”* from “The Essential Seafood Cookbook” (Murdock Books). The next night I combined some of the leftover spiced and roasted fish/potatoes/olives with a little beaten egg, shaped into patties, dredged in cornflour and then shallow fried. Fabulous. The wonderful spices and caramelised flavours stayed intact and the patties were studded with large chunks of salty olives.

Persimmons: My favourite seasonal fruit of the moment. Simply cut into segments, biting the flesh away from the skin.

* I’ve never posted the recipe as I’ve felt ownership belongs with the creator of the dish but have just discovered a large chunk of the book is previewed here at Google books, scroll down to page 292 in the second to last frame and you will find this stunning recipe. The trick is a very hot oven!

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Anonymous Lucy said...

Simple is best, of course.

Thing I love about that empty vessel of yours is that you still managed to fill it rather wonderfully with simple, beautifully-worded food.

Brandy in the 'shroom soup. Tops.

9:50 am  
Blogger Ten Dollar Meals In Melbourne said...

Sounds delicious! Might have to give that mushroom soup a go. Its definitely soup weather again. I made a cauliflower soup the other day, heavy on the garlic and with a tablespoon of parmesan thrown in. Went down a treat in our house.

11:13 am  

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