Sunday, May 10, 2009

not Mosaic Monday*

But a mosaic on monday none the less!

Some recent shots from the kitchen, gathering virtual dust in my photo file. I think it is my farewell to the sunshine, storing the memories to warm me through the dim days of winter.

Featuring the colourful makings of a vegetable stir-through sauce for pasta, weekend scrambled eggs, Masterchef inspired eggy bread made with leftover noisette fig and apricot loaf and the last eggplant from the garden and Lucy's wonderful mandarin tamari from the woman herself, that has reached a wonderful syrupy maturity.

The tamari made a gorgeous marinade with some mirin and fresh chili for barbecued tofu on the weekend. But that's another story.

* Mosaic Monday on Flickr

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Anonymous Lucy said...

I might try and do a Mosaic Monthly - I love the way the sharp light of early autumn is now givng way to gentler, softer (and, it must be said, colder) light.

That light acrss the kitchen? Yum-o!

9:15 am  

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