Wednesday, June 03, 2009

no place like home

How nice, New Zealand has just been named the most peaceful country in the world. It seems that Iceland has been toppled off its perch due to a bit of unrest with the GFC and all.

The latest issue of Vogue Entertaining has a mouthwatering multi-page feature on the joys of Wellington. It seems my compatriots really know about coffee as well as quirky cafes and fashion these days. To be honest it whet my appetite to visit this exotic city. Until I cottoned on to the fact that it was my home town. I just didn't recognise it in the sunshine and all.

For the sake of New Zealand's economy, do go visit. Stay a few days and drink the coffee. Be kind to the waiting staff if they are not quite up to scratch as they locals don't tip very often, so the culture of attentive service is not universal.

Just pack some woolies!

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Blogger Mary said...

I adore Wellington. I spent some time there earlier this year, and was constantly reminded of Hobart (where I live) but a bit bigger, and a bit more happening, but without the craziness of big-citiness. Ahhhh, Wellington.

Did I read somewhere that Wellington has more eateries per head of population than NYC?

6:05 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Mary, yes something crazy like that - but the thing is the per capita bit, its a small city (300,000 odd). Strangely when I went to Hobart for the first time last year (which I loved) it didn't remind me of Wellington at all - it was older and smaller and a different kind of quaint. Yes it has hills and a harbour but I think Hobart is utterly unique and I hope it never changes :)

7:40 pm  

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