Monday, June 26, 2006


I guess I asked for it with a blog title like this, but I have been called on to confess!

Mellie has tagged me with the Confession Meme.

5 items in my freezer
1. Vodka (Stoli and Absolut Citrus)
2. Ice cubes (for the vodka)
3. Gyoza wrappers
4. Homemade stock (fish and now vegetable)
5. A few slices of Natural Tucker bread – because I eat so little of the stuff, but when I do it’s got to be the best

(There is also about 5 kg of meat for the cat who is currently the only resident carnivore)

5 items in my closet
Which closet? I have 2 and as I am currently at the beginning of Operation Paint Job (phase 2 of renovations) they are chock full of miscellany. Linen, crockery, stationery, photos – even clothes.

5 items in my car
I am like the proverbial little old lady who only drives her car to church on Sunday (in this case it is a slightly different form of worship – Victoria Market on Thursday). As I walk or tram it most places my car is rather bare of personal stuff.
1. Melways – essential map book for when I stray further than the 3 kms to the market.
2. A roll of sticky lint remover – try as I may, within a few days of owning a new car enough cat hair had migrated from my clothes to permanently imbed on the upholstery.
3. Reusable green bags for the supermarket
4. Meter money
5. Picnic rug in the boot.

5 items in my purse
Typically, I don’t have one bag I carry around with me all the time so these are in my wallet
1. Drivers licence
2. Stamps (though I can’t remember the last time I posted a letter outside of work)
3. My cell phone number (I can never remember)
4. 10 trip tram tickets
5. At least 13 plastic cards – credit, library, loyalty, ambulance, frequent flyer…

Perhaps a more suitable meme for a food blog would be “50 things in my fridge”

Olive oil, sesame oil, tamari, mirin, maple syrup, Thomy mayonnaise, sauvignon blanc, sparkling wine, mineral water, batteries, tahini, butter, soy milk….

Consider yourself tagged!



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