Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Aural nourishment

Gastroporn is nothing new. Most of us who cruise these kinds of blogs spend arguably far too many hours scanning our eyes over recipes, fingering cookware in specialty stores and drooling over reviews of restaurants in places we can only visit in our dreams. There is always a new cookbook that needs to adorn our shelves. An ethnic grocer in an out of the way suburb, to visit for a mythical spice. A gadget that will outdo all other kitchen gizmos. And that’s before we’ve had the first, perfect, short black of the day.

Beyond touch, smell and sight is a whole other kind of foodporn. Sure there is radio with pictures (aka film and television) but there hasn’t been a decent foodie film in years and there is only so much Jamie you can take. But there is another sense the culinary slave can open up and devour – our ears. Out there in the ether are many aural fixes for our fetish, if we just take the time to tune in or download.

If I’m anywhere near a radio at midday on a Sunday I will tune into 102.7. “Eat it” has been part of my culinary life for years. Each week, as he has for close to the past 2 decades, Cam takes us to the market, tasting wine, talking to top chefs and even a few enthusiastic amateurs. Sadly the show is not available on podcast as the community station is too strapped for cash, but you can listen to it live streaming over the net.

In between Eat It fixes I download KCRW’s “Good Food”. Evan has travelled with me on trains and trams, walked with me to work on chilly mornings and sat with me at home. Like Cam, she has a market report, this time from the farmers markets around LA. Though the seasons mirror ours there are always great tips from the growers to earmark for later in the year. Her guests talk about anything and everything – from free food to top chefs, to how to cook adult food in a child’s toy (“Easy-bake") oven. For the poor podless few, the shows are generously archived at the Good Food homepage, where there are some great links as well.

Eat Feed is a podcast that has been around for barely 18 months, but has gathered a loyal following in that time. It may originate from the USA but encompasses food from every corner of the world. It’s true international broadcasting. This podcast is created by and for people who love food. It’s a great find. Eat Feed can be downloaded via itunes or from the archive at the site. The website also has a collection of recipes and lots of other interesting links.

As if cooking wasn’t a sensory overload in itself these aural delights are a must in any healthy foodbloggers diet.



Blogger sharpatootha said...

I discovered Eat It when I moved to Melbourne years ago and love it to pieces, just wish it were a bit longer.

2:28 pm  
Anonymous kitchen hand said...

Eat It is great, so is Get Rooted, the amusingly-named gardening program.

Compare these community-based programs with 'lifestyle' shows on TV where the subject is dealt with in a nanosecond. No wonder people have attention deficit disorder these days.

7:49 pm  

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