Thursday, May 25, 2006

pictures without recipes

Due to polite requests – here is my new little kitchen.

It went from this




and this

Yes it's small, but there is lots of storage. The pantry opens out and has a nifty powerpoint in it, so can double as another workbench when needed. (I refuse to have a microwave, but if someone really had to have one, it could safely hide in there).

Space was an issue. So as not to distrub the outside of the building (and go into lengthy council approval delays) the window had to remain, but it does let in some rather sweet morning light. I tried to barter the kitchen drawers to fit in a bigger oven and stovetop but...

There were huge budget restraints, which meant big compromises on appliances. A roof that didn’t leak and electrics that could cope with the modern world without threatening life and limb, won out in the end. It's tough being sensible sometimes.

But it’s mine and I love it!

Now - if anyone in Melbourne has a lovely wooden table and chairs they are trying to get rid of cheaply, send me an email and I will be a very happy woman :)

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Anonymous din said...

Thanks for posting these - it looks a very calm peaceful place to work. I love those small open shelves and the bookshelf. And those blue tiles...

I know only too well the compromises enforced by budget. Initially I thought I could have a big kitchen. Our bathroom is absurdly large (think medium lounge-room), as is the passage-way, surely it wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to move a wall or two and let me have some bench space. Well, now that I'm a little better informed, I find I can happily accept a new kitchen the same size as the old one.

9:53 pm  
Anonymous Ivonne said...

It looks adorable.

And I'm with you on the microwave!

4:01 am  

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