Thursday, June 04, 2009

another quickie

I’ve been a bit glass-half-empty of late, as we sprint towards the winter solstice.

On the upside I am embracing the food of the season. Currently on high rotation:

We’ve having a cavolo nero love for the last few week. My favourite so far is a long slow cook with onion, garlic and white wine, as part of a pasta sauce.

Carrots are particularly sweet and vibrant right now. I rediscovered my tin of zataar and added it to onion/garlic and grated carrots. The combo worked really well, especially when mixed with some canned tuna for a speedy meal on rice. (This may qualify as weird food confessions #1).

Rhubarb is in season once more. This was the winter fruit of my childhood, while everything else in the garden died with neglect or just gave up on the hard, clay soil – the rhubarb still thrives. Pity Wellington is a little too far away to pick a bunch whenever I want some. The last market batch was stewed up with sultanas, raw sugar and a splash of rosewater.

Porridge (oatmeal) is back on the breakfast menu. The past week I have soaked the oats then cooked them with some stewed rhubarb. Weird confession #2 is any leftover porridge – all pink and mushy - gets a quick warm through in a fry pan with a knob of butter then eaten as a dessert with a drizzle of maple syrup. I doubt you’ll find that one on Masterchef!

Though talking of unorthodox ways of eating oats, this recipe for skirlie over at Mostly Eating has me fascinated.

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Blogger Johanna said...

I'm finding rhubarb hard to resist - bought a bunch today for my second go at rhubarb crumble - and might leave a little over for another rhubarb and raspberry smoothie - highly recommend it!

Any winter solstice cake this year - I was wondering if I might make some sort of fruit cake but not sure!

9:29 pm  
Anonymous Lucy said...

Have been pondering how half-empty I was viewing the world until a MUCH needed market visit yesterday...

Olives soaking. Chestnuts roasting. ALL good, I reckon, but I'm looking forward to the Solstice like a woman possessed.

Also, no weird confessions in there. That tuna/carrot/rice combo sounds bloody good!

10:15 am  
Blogger shula said...

porridge is a very serious business at our house. We make it out of all sorts of things, though I never get to reheat, because the dog loves it most of all.

9:48 pm  

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