Monday, October 18, 2010

A tale of two English Christmases

Compare and contrast. Two New Zealanders adrift in Britain. Hurrah it’s Christmas! What’s on the menu?

My grandfather: New Zealand Rifle Brigade, Sling Camp, Salisbury Plain 1916

Breakfast fish, (unreadable) and bacon, fried onions and mashed potatoes. Dinner Turkey, Goose, cauliflower, potatoes and peas and stuffing, plum pudding and brandy sauce, nuts, fruit, oranges, apples, bananas. Tea roast pork, fruit salad and Devonshire cream, chocolate and bulls eyes, mince pies. Supper ham, cheese, biscuits.
More from my grandfather’s war diary - bully beef and biscuits at the front.

The granddaughter, London 1985

Christmas was nice. Never had a Lesbian xmas before but I suppose there is a first time for everything! Jac was stunning in a 3 piece suit, with pink bowtie to match the streak in her hair. Started off lounging around eating chocolates and drinking sherry, then got onto the port. Dinner was an avocado salad for starters, followed by a splendid nut roast, sauce, chestnut stuffing, roast spuds and other veggies – downed with bubbly. After there was pud with brandy butter, cake, pink triangle sweets and marzipan stuffed dates. Did I miss anything?
You can read more nostalgic twaddle about living in London the ‘80s if you really want to.

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Blogger Johanna GGG said...

Now we see that your love of food writing is genetic :-) I know which one I would prefer but back then I am sure my choices would be far different (were the pink triangle sweets to echo the pink bow tie?)

12:04 am  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

Christmas in London must be very special. snow. wanting cosiness, instead of being desperate to get cool here.
Anything about WW1 makes me very sad.
such a dreadful war.
Australians carry on about Gallipoli, but more Canadians were killed than Australians, which is even more terrible (considering).


8:24 pm  

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