Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The 1 week wheat-free challenge: Day 5

Porridge with rhubarb and apple compote.

2 x rice crackers.

Gluten-free pasta with onion, silverbeet, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and tuna.


Chilli beans (kidney beans, onion, parsnip, carrot, tomatoes and lots of delicious spices) with brown rice

1 piece of gluten free (Country Life) toast with vegemite.

Fluid: 1 espresso, 1 elder flower cordial, water

Note: had a business meeting scheduled in a café before (rather than at) lunch. I noticed that it would have been easier to eat vegan than wheat-free with what was on offer. Needed something starchy for lunch so hit the GF pasta.

The NB came back with a supermarket bought GF loaf so had to try it. What can I say? It looked promising but tasted of nothing. A bit like the soy cheese, I find it hard to get excited by the “pretend” foods, though these days I actually prefer GF pasta over regular.

Could a cup a day keep the undertaker away?

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