Monday, June 23, 2008

Solstice cake and a reminder to send your link

Howdy one and all from the free wi-fi at Wellington airport. The view outside is blanketed with rain and I suspect the temperature is in single digits. As I've been off line for a few days, it will take me a while to read through the many comments that have been left on a wide variety of posts while I have been in the wilderness (well not quite but being without the internet for days does feel like that sometimes).

I'm excited there has been a few more entries in the Solstice cake event - but please send me your links and details to my email address as requested in the event details - that way I wont miss telling the world about your grand cake making efforts. You have til Wednesday this week to get your entry in.

While I have been gone I have been told gleefully by the Significant Eater about meaty delights his family have made in my kitchen. I can only hope that by the time I arrive later tonight that the place has been fumigated and the house is vegetarian friendly once more.

My winter solstice was spent being out there in the world. I caught up with kiwi friends over breakfast, lunch and finally dinner - wall to wall friendship and food. What could be better? Hope the season has been kind to you where ever in the world you may be.

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Blogger Kyle @ Yumoh said...

I guess this doesn't qualify as a 'cake' but we did celebrate the Solstice with these lovely warming drinks:


8:49 pm  
Anonymous glutenfreeforgood said...

"Back-to-back friendship and food" -- so eloquently put! I love it, sounds like lots of fun. As for my good intentions to bake GF solstice cake, I blew it. Totally blew it! Argh, too many good intentions and not enough real time. But I'm thinking of you and anxiously awaiting all the entries.

In good health!

3:37 am  
Blogger Ian said...

Hi There AOF,

Found your blog through Facebook, and I'm really enjoying reading it.


8:08 am  

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