Saturday, March 20, 2010

coming soon...

Loving all your thoughts in relation to talking at the conference tomorrow about how and why we blog.

If you've got more to say on the subject, this is your last chance to add to the discussion. Go for it!

PS: made the most fantastically easy dish this week - green prawns rubbed with homemade harissa, left to marinate an hour and then pan fried. Simple and absolutely stunning.

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Blogger Simon Food Favourites said...

looking forward to the posts about what's discussed :-)

3:58 pm  
Anonymous Janet(Pantry Bites) said...

I love the topic- would like to hear more about reasons other than monetary reasons and passion that drives people to blog. Internet is still a relatively new medium and growing rapidly. I consider blogs to be one's intellectual property. It's almost like one more thing to add to your CV- a blog with x number of visitors a month. A unique qualification of its own.

6:52 am  

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