Wednesday, February 03, 2010


I’ll be away for a few days partying across “the ditch”. Just keep talking amongst yourself while I’m gone.

I loved the discussion on the last post, glad to know I’m not alone. I’m wondering though if anyone under 30 responded? Maybe we of the 30-up age group see this kind of marketing as some kind of affront but there’s another generation that actually welcomes it?

Please enlighten me. I won’t bite. I genuinely want to learn the other point of view.

Have a great (long for some) weekend everyone.

* be back in a bit



Blogger Lucy said...

Yeah, p'raps it's a case of us all being feisty old gen-xers!

Agreed with everything discussed and only wanted to add this: I have witnessed first hand the pleas of bloggers to be taken 'seriously' by the trad media, so maybe those pleas were listened to? Not by me - I think a lot of us still think of our blogs as weblogs (i.e. online journals) and see ourselves as separate entities?

And I press delete on every single promo email. I seem to get a tonne of U.S. ones and not so much Australian stuff. I'm with Typepad, so it could be a blogger thing...who knows.

Have fun in NZ land. Pics, please.

4:08 pm  
Blogger Cindy said...

I'll put my hand up as a fence-sitting Gen-Y-er. Most (perhaps 98%) of the promo stuff we're emailed is outright ignored. The most common offences are failing to address us by name or connect with the content of our blog in any way. Most amusing was the email from a marketer who said they loved our blog and called it by the name of another Melbourne food blog. Second most amusing was a mindless press release from the MLA - I was sorely tempted to reply to that one. ;-)

I've no problem with marketing and freebies if the marketers are genuinely engaged and the receivers fully disclose. We have accepted 2-3 freebies in the past 18 months and blogged only one. In this case I probably spent more than I saved, since I decided to purchase a few rival products and compare them. We have made it very clear to the few marketers that we've responded to that we don't guarantee a positive review, or even a review at all.

And though I don't think you were intentionally implying otherwise, I've seen a few over-30 bloggers writing suspiciously florid reviews about 'amazing' products they've just 'discovered'.

But enough of all that - have a fab trip! I second Lucy's plea - pics, please. :-)

5:42 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Hey Lucy and Cindy - thanks for mentioning photos, I'd just finished packing (so I thought) and forgot all about my camera! Now what else have I forgot (not my credit/atm card this time thankfully!)

Cindy that's hysterical about the meat and livestock folk thinking you were ripe for the picking. How wrong can you get (up there with the Food Show people did offer me a free Cheese Masterclass)? No, not implying by any means that the err "older" bloggers are any less commercial/more ethical, more wondering if those who responded to the post were demographically representative. (despite having two degrees with "science" in the title I aint no scientist but I try :)

6:08 pm  

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