Tuesday, February 03, 2009

no Whistle Stop Cafe

...but sadly a lot of fried green tomatoes.

Not of the edible kind.

For those not in Australia or ardent tennis fans, we had an inhumanely hot week here in Melbourne. Train tracks buckled, so too did the brand new Melbourne "eye" which was shut down due to twists and cracks in the the metal structure.

We are only allowed to water the garden at a time in the morning that any sane person is asleep, finally when the temperature drops to the mere 20's. And only twice a week at that. Greenery was turned to a crispy black, some of the tomatoes fried and even the odd chili got burnt.

During this time I caught the cold that kept my partner bed bound for most of a week. I have valiantly tried to keep my business going but called an early finish on friday when the temperature hit 45.1 c.

We've been eating salads, salads and salads (beans, tuna, lettuce - whatever is on hand). Guzzling litres of chilled, cheap mineral water. But mostly I've been lying around like a limp dishrag, going to the movies and swatting mosquitoes that begin their menacing hum about midnight.

I loved the response to the last post about the economy - thanks. Keep commenting if you have any more thoughts on the subject.

When the fog clears from my head, I will be back.

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Blogger siskelkk said...

ditto on the roasted garden tomatoes. Despite my bets efforts at playing pot tetris on the balcony with the shade, most still got damaged. Still good news is the sunburn can be cut off when they ripen, and only in the most extreme cases have they rotted through to the point of spoilage.

Looks to be an awesome haul though, before the heatwave that is, luck with the rest of the year's gardening.

9:53 am  
Blogger Ran said...

i lost about 10 toms to the heat but hopefully the rest are ok.

siskelkk - i was hoping the toms would still be ok so i ahve left them on the vine. yay

9:58 am  
Anonymous Lucy said...

It was fascinating to see what survived and what did not.

Survivors: Crookneck squash, okra (which has actually improved in heat), thyme (three kinds) and amaranth. Parsley's held up well and apart from a few toms like yours, most are doing well.

Mozzies are the killer. I killed 25 this morning!

9:17 pm  
Blogger docwitch said...

having a cold in the heat is just plain 'orrible. Hope you feel better soon.

My garden fared ok, but that's because being in pots, it's largely portable, so I could hide a few things in the bathroom throughout the worst of the heat. The rest I ran around covering up with tablecloths, sheets and teatowels, (my balcony looked quite carnivalesque at one point). Did the trick though!

My passionfruit thrived with full exposure (I know, sick little puppy isn't it?), and so too my olive ,and many of my herbs. Did lose my coriander, and two of my eggplant flowers (bummer). No other casualties fortunately. Still, am seriously thinking of re-relocating to NZ(!) to avoid enduring bastard heat of that ilk ever again.

10:27 pm  

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