Saturday, December 13, 2008

30 second meal (and post!) of the week

Take one tub of "homemade" tabouli fresh from the market. Place in bowl. Add one small can of tuna. Eat.


Aim for summer - make a gluten-free version. Quinoa instead of bulgar? Ideas anyone.

(Do I deserve a howler for a post that takes less than a minute? )



Blogger docwitch said...

Because you included a most excellent gluten free option here, I'll hold off sending you a Howler.

And anyway, a woman's got to eat! And blog about eating of course.

12:29 pm  
Blogger Kalyn said...

Wonderful idea! Now why haven't I ever thought of that, since I love tabbouli and tuna both!

3:28 pm  
Blogger brazen's crafts said...

i've used quinoa in tabbouli, it works ok :)

4:48 pm  
Blogger Pixie said...

damn good idea. but I think you must have it on a bed of lettuce. Must eat green things. besides parsley and mint. or whatever. You shall be forgiven for a one minute blog, but methinks you best not confess how many you read at the same time....

6:19 pm  
Anonymous glutenfreeforgood said...

What's a howler? Maybe I don't want to know.

But I do know I love the idea of quinoa tabbouli. I'll do some experimenting and get back to you. Thanks for the inspiration. I always find interesting things to think about when I visit your blog. Keep on howlin'.


4:49 am  
Anonymous jacqueline.looks said...

quinoa works really well in tabouli - it doesn't keep as long but i love the nutty little *pop* of it!

3:46 pm  

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