Thursday, January 11, 2007


I really want to post. I'd like to write about tomato tarts and mini frittatas, mention the delicious roasted cauliflower pasta and other simple treats. I do, I will.

Just now it's hot. Too many bushfire smoke filled days in the 30c's. Too little sleep, tossing about on nights where the barometer doesn't slip below the 20c's.

I'll be back with the next cool change.


Anonymous downunderdani said...

I find it strange, that a place with (usually) not so hot weather is up in flames this year :(

Sorta reminds me of the 95' summer

1:57 am  
Anonymous Paul said...

This summer is definately like the summers of old, with lots of hot days, although we usually had more rain!

12:56 pm  

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