Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Morning after muffins

While the Significant Eater slept off a Significant Hangover, I got the early morning muffin making urge. I am forever on the hunt to find the perfect muffin base – one that’s fine for soy milk substitution. I still prefer the butter based ones over oil and an egg is a necessity. Of course finding a recipe using wholemeal flour would be ideal.

Once again I substituted this for that, something that baking is not designed for. I didn’t get the desired outcome, which was also due to still not being used to a fan forced oven which needs to be set a notch lower than I am used to.

The base recipe, before I stuffed it up was from the “Moosewood Café New Classics” – but use your favourite. What I did get right was the flavour combo – chunks of lush ripe cherries, 85% Lindt chocolate and a lot of mixed spice.

Remember to always toss the fruit in a little flour before you add them to the mix, so they don’t drop to the bottom when they are cooking.

cherry-choc wholemeal mini muffins with a great espresso (ok they look like rock cakes but tasted light and fine!)

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Blogger Crystal said...

Greetings from
Muffin Maker Extraordinaire.

I always use Lowan stoneground organic wholemeal, and best olive oil instead of butter, tons of spice, sultanas, orange juice and zest is good.
I couldn't follow a recipe, a pattern, or an instruction, to save my life and no 2 muffin batches have 1. ever been the same 2. ever had any remaining after, say, 3 hours, because 3. If eaten when almost cool enough, no muffin is bad.

10:39 am  
Blogger Ange said...

Delicious, cherry choc combo works prefectly for me

9:12 am  

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