Friday, December 08, 2006

salad days

The house is in disarray.

Actually that’s an understatement. Currently a house larger than this is trying to squeeze its contents into my little 2 bedroom terrace, like a normal sized woman trying to fit a designer frock. Some precious patches of floor have been cleared for items of furniture that are arriving today, but outside of those little havens, possessions pile on every surface. The table is lost under boxes.

Amongst this I cooked last night, proving you can always create good, tasty food in the most trying conditions.

Smoked trout and potato salad

Scrub some Desiree potatoes, the smaller the better – cut in half if need be. Boil or steam til just cooked. Run under cold water and set aside to drain.

Take a large bowl and assemble your ingredients*. The following were accessible in my fridge.

Baby spinach leaves
Radishes, finely sliced
Avocado, cubed
Half a red onion, sliced
Tomatoes, quartered
Boiled potatoes
Smoked trout, broken into medium sized chunks
Sea salt and cracked black pepper

The dressing: 1/2 vinaigrette (lemon/olive oil/mustard) and 1/2 Thomy mayonnaise blended together to make a slightly creamy dressing.

Toss and eat.

* fresh herbs, mustard seeds, celery, capers, blanched green beans…are other ingredients that would work well.

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