Thursday, November 23, 2006

tipping my hat to the Earl

I’m a bit of a latecomer to the joy of the sandwich. It’s never really been my thing and even now bread is not the first food I turn to for sustenance.

But today I could not resist a loaf of seed bread, still warm from the oven. This is real bread – made from organic unbleached flour, leavened naturally and with just the right amount of seeds through it. The crust is dense, rather than flaky and the bread itself is soft but chewy. No bread improvers and other dubious chemicals, just sourdough at its best.

To honour this delightful loaf, there was a dainty spread fresh from the market. The bottom layer a generous serve of smoky babaganoush made with eggplant and tahini. Next some organic produce – hass avocado, tomato and lastly topped with wild rocket.

Everything was at its best – the avocado, perfectly ripe. Likewise the tomato. The rocket was as green and vibrant as the avocado and had a nice, peppery punch. And the bread – it was sublime and with still a hint of warmth.

What’s your favourite sandwich?

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Blogger mensch71 said...

For me, a sandwich needs to be:

1. Flavorful
2. Greater than the component parts
3. Easy to handle

So I'd have to go with PB&J.


1:04 am  
Anonymous kitchen hand said...

My all-time favourite sandwich is cheese - anything, but sweet provolone is good - with lots of butter on a home-sliced loaf of crusty fresh yeasty artisan white bread.

The sandwich I eat most often, however, is tuna in brine with onion and tomato.

3:50 pm  
Blogger Anna said...

thin slices of white bread, roast beef so rare it has blushed red, juicy tomato, cheddar cheese, scattered fresh chives and a tangy wholegrain mustard.


8:14 pm  
Blogger sharpatootha said...

this post reminded me of John Lethlean's article from this weekend about beautiful bread

Perfect sandwhich for me is some thinly cut 'grandpa' ham (no idea what it actually was, but he always had some and that's what it's now called) with some bitey cheese and some seeded mustard and butter on some fresh, warm, fluffy and chewy bread.

10:25 am  

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