Sunday, September 04, 2011

Quickie: post-holiday dinners for one

I love rice. I’ve eaten it almost everyday for weeks. I’d call myself a rice queen but that has a whole other meaning.

But sometimes I need “meat” (ok, protein) and potatoes. Simple Anglo fare. Here's a quick rundown of my post-Bali cooking this week.

1. A simple 2 egg omelette with a little onion, garlic and loads of mushroom. There’s been a tiny dab of marinated sheep’s cheese (I can tolerate a small amount if I don’t do it too often). But best of all, when just cooked, topped with fresh sorrel and folded over. So addictive and simple I made it twice in a week.

2. “Fish and chips”. Strangely been craving crumbed, fried fish. But with all the eggs recently consumed, wanted a viable alternative. While dipping fish fillets in egg is an effective way of holding lots of breadcrumbs; water, milk, even “alternative” milks do a good job.

Snapper fillets, dunked in rice milk, then tossed in a mix of masa harina (or ordinary fine cornmeal) seasoned with zaatar and salt, fried in olive oil. Perfect! Accompanied by oven roasted kipfler potatoes, carrots and sweet potato. Sensational.

3. Lots of black kale, chard, sorrel and cos lettuce, straight from the garden. Handy to come back from holiday to an empty fridge but have more fresh greens than I could poke a stick at, a mere few paces from my kitchen.

Experimented with adding finely sliced cos lettuce to a stir fry. It works just fine.

Onion, garlic, kale, smoked eel and lemon juice made an excellent pasta source.

What have you been cooking this week?

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Blogger Michelle Chin said...

i've been into congee!! been making different types of congee the entire week. from miso congee to kimchi congee

12:43 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Ohh, congee. A long time candidate on my "learn how to cook" list. Found your recipe. Any updates or new tips?

2:36 pm  
Anonymous Another Old Chook said...

Love rice in all forms and colours, the scent of it steaming away in the ricecooker and when I take the top off. Love it with steamed green leaves on top and then given a kick up the bum with lots of chilli. I've had wonderful congees in South East Asia and also at Supper Inn in Melbourne.
For dinner tonight I'm doing a smoked mussel paella (recipe downloaded from - although downsizing for just two serves and a little left over to make some form of riceball for lunch tomorrow. (I wouldn't use any substitute for the rice suggested - but that's just my taste.

Now that you have mentioned kale I might have a go a making some kimchi from kale which is another form of the cabbage family as we have some growing in the garden, as well as some daikon radish. The last lot I made weren't too bad, but I'm more addicted to the one I get from an Asian grocer when I visit Melbourne.

New to your post from another blog, which I can't now remember, but for which I'm grateful.

10:46 am  
Anonymous Another Old (Forgetful) Chook said...

P.S. Forgot to mention why I was leaving a comment. It was to suggest making a keema with the cos lettuce and minced lamb, with curry spices and onion. I make this when I have leftover roast and either iceberg or cos lettuce.

Apologies for taking so much space on your blog, but first time you know.

10:50 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Welcome chook :) I've made excellent dolmades with cos lettuce leaves (search dolmades on sidebar, it will have more about them, the second time I blogged it). But might hold off the if you look through the blog you might notices the rather lack of meat dishes :)

My relationship with the Supper Inn ended rather suddenly, last visit a few years ago. Had disturbing shortness of breath after eating the congee....despite asking for no msg. I don't die from asthma, but trouble breathing feels so alarming, it takes me longer to recover from the stress caused by the reaction.

2:30 pm  

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