Thursday, April 19, 2007

a week of pleasures

In the past week I have:

Seen fresh guavas being sold on a city street.

Participated in an excellent Spanish Sherry tasting.

Post above tasting, handed taxi money over to my visitor because I didn’t’ feel capable of driving her to her dinner date.

Eaten far too much: big breakfasts (Black Ruby, The Green Grocer), dinners at Cookie, Classic Thai, Shakahari.

Made a damn fine, restorative bean and vegetable soup between meals out

Tasted some delightful new wines (Hunters fume blanc from NZ at Cookie, another excellent kiwi sauv blanc at Jimmy Watsons)…note to self: good excuse to go back to find out what it was.

Handed over an arm and a leg for some organic produce at Macro. Almost $13 for a jar of Marigold Vegetable Bouillon really is worth it – there is no better commercial stock powder that I can find.

Discovered a great new organic supermarket (offshoot of IGA) in the city. A fantastic range of premade goodies, gluten free treats, biscuits that are healthy and taste good.

Wondered why New Zealand seems to produce so many delicious organic foods, with a population the size of Melbourne. Why can’t we at least match the range?

Bought new season persimmons from the market

Had trouble doing up my new jeans!



Blogger Lucy said...

I reckon it's all that lovely mineral-rich organic soil that makes New Zealand produce so damned good. Our soil is so old, so tired and NZ's is so young and volcanically-good. The depth and range of produce is incredible, plus the passion and commitment of kiwi growers is inspiring.

10:43 am  

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