Sunday, June 11, 2006

winter chills

Statcounter seems to be having some kind of hissy fit and as it is my main source of feedback – just who pops by for a visit, where do you come from and is it good enough for you to stick around and read the blog – it would be great if you left some feedback.

Like a modern koan I wonder – if a blogger blogs with no comments, does it really exist?

I have got a slight touch of some kind of lurgy* which doesn’t dispose me much to cooking or eating right now. For sustenance I have made a big pot of hibiscus and ginger tea and am cuddling down with ipod listening to all the back editions of Eat Feed and other aural delights I mentioned a couple of posts ago. On my next foray to the computer I will explore more of the culinary podcast network - but with that many hours of foodie listening to plough through I may never get out from under the covers again!

Soup and sympathy is arriving later, great medicine in equal quantities. But for now, I will indulge this malady and return to a warm bed on a chilly winter’s day.

*translation for those outside of Australasia – a bug or virus of some kind.


Blogger mooncrazy said...

Sorry you are under the weather. My momma always called it the "garfalitius."

Like the blog, keep up the good work.

12:06 am  

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