Sunday, October 05, 2008

from the depths of the pantry

In case of nuclear war

2.5 jars of green/brown and 1 of red lentils

3 packets of millet

2 red/1 white packets of quinoa

4 tins of borlotti beans

a wide assortment of dried beans



3 opened bottles of rice wine vinegar

2 open bottles of Chinese chili oil

lots of different bottles of vinegar (balsamics of varying ages, red wine, white wine, sherry, 2 x apple cider)

3 jars of dried shitake mushrooms (originally fresh, then if not all used dry rapidly in the paper bags they are bought in)

rices of every description

at least 8 bags of gluten-free pasta and a few wheat ones as well

5 packets of plain rice crackers

plus the stockpile of organic canned beans and tomatoes in the laundry

a respectable amount of


rice noodles

coconut milk

canned kidney beans and chickpeas






dried fruit

corn thins

cooking oil




an open packet of salty plums

rancid seeds and nuts

baked goods lingering in tins too long

some rice cakes that tasted like polystyrene

lots of extraneous packaging

Neat and tidy

Multiples amalgamated into bigger receptacles and little bits down graded to smaller.

Most of the bottles of various liquids rehoused in a sturdy baking tray so can be moved en masse when needed.

Cupboard now clean and usable...but for how long? Due to having such a small kitchen (though bigger than the last one) there is another cupboard with overflow food, the tea/coffee and assorted things that don't fit anywhere cupboard, the spice drawer and the fridge which almost every open sauce bottle, jams, pickles, chutneys, relishes and goodness knows what else - gets shoved in there.

PS: I guess it will be dal for dinner tonight.

Update: The SE made a nice silverbeet (the last from the garden) and lentil spicy concoction for dinner with brown rice. Spent the night in a fair amount of um..intestinal dyscomfort.


Blogger Tassiegal said...

That sounds like my pantry clean out in July - except we managed to throw 2 bags of rice flour on the floor/carpet/ourselves(or the cupboard gremlins threw them, we are not sure).
I now have LISTS (if I ever get around to printing them out!)

11:27 pm  
Blogger jamesbluntknife said...

ironically enough, i was doing the very same stocktake yesterday.

i know it was a beautiful day, however i was nursing a hangover and couldn't handle the bright sunlight.

this is what is have:

harina PAN
flour, self raising flour, other baking powdery bits)
mixed rice (thanks to mellie from tummy rumbles)
normal jasmine rice
mi goreng noodels.
squid ink pasta bought on a whim.
mixed lentils and barley soup mix.
1 can of baked beans

sardines, and a LOT of tuna

sambal olek, tobasco, oyster sauce, soy sauce, fish sauce, xiaosing wine.

sesame oil, 6 bottles of various olive oils,

various herbs and spices

coffee, and too many types of chinese teas.

i spent sunday sorting this out and trying to put it into these categories: protein, carbs, condiments, herbs, stuff that needs to be used soon or will be thrown out simply for hanging around too long. and yes, it is a bit anal to sort it like this, but at least i know where everything is!

9:29 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

James I love the way you've broken the food down into nutritional groups. The SE was trying to rearrange the cupboard in that way til I pointed out that how we stack them should also represent most frequent use. eg: the breakfast food (currently - rolled oats, nuts, dried fruit and corn thins) are grouped together in the most accessible part of the cupboard.

I am still a bit worried about the under used stuff at the back. I did consider doing an inventory and sticking to the inside of the door but that is too excessive even for an organized virgo like myself.

Glad to hear you are on the PAN bandwagon too, its my most used flour at the moment and is taking pride of place.

Tassiegal: Welcome - poor thing. We had minimal damage though now have a stack of glass and plastic containers that are empty and need to find storage space.

9:41 am  
Blogger jamesbluntknife said...

it worked out really well to have it in those categories - just saves time for cooking cos it makes sense. i bought a couple of the decor plastic containers to stack, but i'm thinking that there has to be easier ways to wort it all - i don't have a lot of storage space, what with it being a shared pantry.

re: the PAN, i've only used it once for arepas and it worked out well. i cheated and bought some from casa iberica first to make sure i knew how big to make them. and i had to justify buying something else other than their tarts. somehow, a pack of 4 arepas is fine to buy with 12 custard tart things!

i like the idea of lists too tassiegirl - i used to do it all the time. now if there is something that has been in the cupboard for too long, i put it on the microwave to force me to use it and give me ideas.

oh, and the rice flour everwhere reminds me of when i was younger at a hockey camp, with a flour fight :)

10:41 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am stock piling vodka for my 'in case of nuclear emergency' I can drink it or use it as antiseptic :)

3:47 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Very good point anonymous. I should really do a stock take of the liquor cabinet. The upside of frequent trips across the Tasman to take care of family is duty-free! There are usually multiple bottles of vodka and brandy (summer medicine and winter medicine) plus a few liqueurs. Though one trip through DF I managed to pick up a gold and a silver tequila -still unopened. Now that could be a very interesting pantry challenge!

4:21 pm  
Blogger jamesbluntknife said...

alcohol doesn't count in pantry stocktakes, cos it's ALWAYS useful!

having said that, i have too much wine. whenever i go on winery tours i invariably buy way too much. i think it's about 3 - 4 cases right now, and another 7 litres of various single malt scotches...

8:46 am  

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