Monday, March 12, 2007

feeding the muse

Lucette from the deliciously titled blog “My Novel on Toast” mused about food for writers. Her preferred fuel is dark chocolate and I have to agree that it is the queen of foods for the long haul at the keyboard.

When you need to produce a report, essay, chunk of work or commune with the muse, what is your fuel?

Being a bit Virgo (ok anal retentive if you prefer) it’s important for me that it won’t be too messy, something that can be cleanly eaten preferably with the hands. Nothing too oily to make the keys slippery or too likely to spill. Chocolate, providing the room is not too hot, fits the bill with ease.

As a student I discovered Sarotti Extra. This German chocolate was particularly bitter and it was a precise science to balance enough of the sweet drug to keep me working without it keeping me awake all night – about 6 squares later than 8pm was my maximum. A powerful food. The closest milk bar conveniently sold it at the time but these days it is a rarer find. Fortunately with strong dark Lindt so cheap and available, hunting Sarotti is no longer a necessary writer's sport.

Of savoury foods, toast with vegemite seems a good lark, but be careful – crumbs in the keyboard just will not do.

A few rice crackers and dip – hummus, babaganoush or tarama would be my choice, can be popped in the mouth as needed.

A banana, conveniently packaged so there is no sweet residue, is the perfect fruit to avoid sticky fingers.

But most of all water is a necessity – a dry brain is a sure thing to keep the words away.

What fuels your work at the computer?

Thanks to Kitchen hand for bringing this subject up.



Blogger lucette said...

I've never had Sarotti--a new chocolate quest!

8:58 am  

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