Sunday, March 11, 2007

A quick week of food round up

Sunday - breakfast at Black Ruby, extremely good "Vegetarian Big Breakfast", always wonder why I don't go there more often.

Saturday - scrambed eggs and hash browns at home, grapes straight from the vine, spectacular whole Blue Eye baked with a tahini/harrisa/tomato sauce whipped up by the Significant Eater.

Friday - Lunch at Sushi Monger (the tuna and salmon chirashi for a change), drinks and tapas at Geralds Bar (ceviche was delish), dinner at Zum Zums for the wonderful snapper and felafels.

Thursday - Shopping at Vic Market, blog lunch at Enoteca (if you ask very nicely they will make a vegan panini to go with the microscopic orange juice), very delicious marinated in garlic, smokey paprika and olive oil (more on that later).

Wednesday - Tuna patties and salad at cafe mediterraneum for lunch, a drink at Kitten Club and the highlight of the week - DINNER AT YU-U at last! (Review coming). on earth am I expected to remember back that far? I think it will be fruit, muesli and salad for the next week.



Blogger Cindy said...

Hey AOF,

I've tagged you for a vegetable meme, if you're interested in joining in. Or if you're in a rebellious mood, I'd equally enjoy an extended rant about a single vege of your choice. :-)

7:06 pm  

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