Sunday, January 28, 2007


A bowl of lush red chilies, of unknown hotness, has come my way. I love gifts from people's gardens. This season of abundance is full of many delights. So what to do with 7 chilies?

Pound up some hot curry paste
Slice finely to scatter through a Thai salad
Make a pot of vegetarian chili beans
Spice up a stir fry

What would you do?

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Blogger Lucy said...

Nice lookin' chillies! I'd char 3 of them 'til their skins are blackened then cool and peel them (well, as much as one can) then de-seed and chop them finely. Then add 3 roasted and peeled capsicums, a red, a green and a yellow, chopped as per the chillies. A drizzle of maple syrup, lots of lime juice and zest, olive oil and crushed garlic. Salt as ya like, and eat with simply cooked fish.

11:14 am  
Anonymous kitchen hand said...

Cook some linguine, slice chillies very, very finely and toss linguine with the chillies, some finely chopped semi-dried tomatoes and some chopped anchovies. Amazingly good sweet/tart/salt/heat taste sensation.

12:42 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

The linguine sounds wonderful and since amalgamating households we have more anchovies in the house than you could poke a stick at!

The charring idea is interesting, though not liking capsicums I'm thinking of other things to mix them with - maybe in a tomato salsa?

8:42 am  

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