Sunday, September 24, 2006

A pie for mum, a pie for dad and one for the blog!

As those who know me would atest, I'm rather disinterested in all things sporting (though I have a vague fascination for the lovely women who do synchronised swimming, in full make up with a smile on their face). However, even I have come to understand that the last Saturday in September in this town means one thing - footie. It marks the few week reprise between the last football match of the season (aka The Grand Final) and the beginning of the cricket. Now, what does this have to do with food you ask? Well, in fear of having my recent citizenship revoked, in a fit of patriotism - I am rallying the troops (in my role of a fellow Chewer) to honour this day with a celebration of the pie. Because here in Australia no sporting event is complete without a soggy meat pie slathered in tomato sauce (ketchup).

Thankfully, there's so much more to pies these days. Over at We Do Chew Our Food we've begun a series of collaborative reviews of common foods. To mark the Grand Final we are opening our Inaugural Pie Review to anyone, anywhere to send us a review of a local savoury pie. The pie can be bought, home made, meat or vegetarian and as traditional or unconventional as you desire.

All entries need to be in by midnight, next Sunday, 1st October (that's about midday for you in the Northern Hemisphere).

Check out the details and send us your review to to this address. You've got a week to get munching!


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