Thursday, September 07, 2006

Detox Diaries - day 7

I’ve hit the 1 week mark!

Awake all zippy just before the alarm. My head catalogues all the things I have to do before I leave the house. It’ll be a tough call but I can jump out of bed and get it done in time. Optimism is a great detox side effect.

In the shower 7.30, the phone rings. A call at this time of the day you just know it is never going to be good news. It’s not. My neighbour asks me hesitantly if I have seen my car today.? Oh dear, what? How bad? Standing in the rain cataloguing the wilful damage to your 2 year old car takes a bit more than a pure diet and optimism to endure.

The morning goes to custard, but fortunately I don’t. I am a bit wobbly by the time I get to head into work. A combo of shock and only having a piece or two of fruit to eat on the way. Breakfast, for me, is NEVER skimpy or on the run. I admit to feeling a bit miserable, but it’s not comfort food I am after, it is the ritual of eating that I am craving.

I’ve managed to at least heat and grab the soup made the night before, in lieu of some time consuming salad for lunch that I couldn’t prepare. The red lentil soup is strangely sweet without salt. Salt really, really is essential in soup! I had grabbed the last dregs of the pesto to throw in and the rush of raw garlic saves the day.

Dinner, and yes it’s 7pm after a long day at work and I have crashed again, is soup once more. Boring but sustaining. Craving more intense flavour I finish with some babaganoush and raw vegetables.

The day's other snacks – raw nuts and an afternoon fruit salad from David Jones. Lots of water.

The detox is going ok. I’m not hungry but rather wanting my food to comfort me, especially on a day like today. It’s becoming a great exercise in awareness.

Tomorrow it is reintegration time. The plan is a diverse vegan diet, still without stimulants, sugars and processed grains but being less pedantic about oil and salt (in moderation at least).

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