Monday, September 04, 2006

Detox Diaries - day 4


Still empty and dreaming. Last night they were more humourous, a series of scenarios and in each I unthinkingly ate some delicious morsel of food and a short while later thought “Oh bugger, I was meant to eat only fruit today!” Perhaps I’m just reminding myself how unconscious I am of what and how I eat most of the time.

Energy on low-ish power, doing things seems to take me longer. Breakfast is one kiwi fruit sliced into 5ths, on a nice china plate, eaten with a fork. It was the best kiwi fruit I have ever eaten! The cool slivers initially smooth on the tongue, with a honeyed sweetness followed by a gritty tang.

As much as I enjoyed every bite, I am not craving food. Yesterday I read Mel’s blog about the hot jam donuts at Vic Market. I have walked past that van for the past 20 years while shopping and only ever vaguely been tempted but never enough to commit to the experience (ah it’s that inner food nazi’s fault again!). But on reading her post I wanted one. Now. Maybe two. I didn’t know how I used to be able to walk past without stopping.

Today, it doesn’t register.

I flow through the rest of the day, go to a movie for distraction (“Friends With Money” – fortunately not highly food focused) and would sum up my mood as ‘bored’. Not eating, not cooking, not dining – can be very, very boring. But the upside is there’s very little washing up to do!

Today’s tips to all potential detoxers - some things to avoid in the first few days of the challenge are:

1. Stick to non-food blog browsing. In fact cleanse your mind and don’t touch the computer or tv for a couple of days.
2. Resist reading the brand new “Good Food Guide” and planning your eating out forays.
3. Even if you have just bought the delicious Nigel Slater cookbook, don’t lay a finger on it.
4. Now is not the best time to catch up on your backlog of “Eat Feed” and KCRW’s “Good Food” podcasts.

Tomorrow – the vegetables return!

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