Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All kinds of weirdness

Tapping on the keyboard, slicing and dicing in the kitchen, twisting tops off bottles, carrying the pot of boiling water off the stove to strain. These are all small acts in the daily life of someone who cooks, writes or has any normal kind of existence.

Until a week ago I never realises the relationship I have with my index finger. It’s as if my hands are dancers, with the odd digit doing ballet movements to perfectly balance mundane actions. A stupid injury to my finger has left me with some pesky nerve damage and in the meantime inessential cooking and blogging has been put on hold.

However when I get my digits working properly (or get used to a life of pain and strange sensations) I may share the story of the food blogger outed at work by a disgruntled restaurant owner, or then again I may not. Why waste digit power when there are tales of homemade beverages to share?

Anyone else pissed off anyone in the industry lately and would like to amuse me with their tales?

Reading is easy, it’s just the writing and cooking and cleaning (and who every thought an index finger was so important in hooking up and undoing a bra?) that are on a go slow for now.

Is it just the silly season or are their all kinds of weirdness going on in the world at the moment?

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Blogger Ann ODyne said...

Nerve damage is funny peculiar.
Occasionally I have to use my hairbrush on my ears when the nerve endings remember they were damaged 10 years ago (bad otoplasty).
I hope it helps you if I reassure you on the finger thing: I took the top off my left pointer and was lucky to be in a street with a clinic to rush into, and it's all healed, but years later it tingles still.
never mind bra hooks - any hand injury reminds us all How Much We Put Our Hands In WATER.
Wishing you fast mending.

9:44 pm  

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