Thursday, December 03, 2009

the one that got away

Having swamped you, poor reader, with all the Melaka posts a while ago, I never got around to my sharing my last meal in Malaysia. I have a bill from the restaurant, scribbled notes made the next day and a mere 2 pictures. Really I am not a restaurant food blogger (and how could I be after only one meal at the place?) but boy it blew my socks off.

Lonely Planet raved about a Thai restaurant in KL offering dishes rarely seen out of it's native land. It was a swanky place, in a 5 star hotel but we still had some ringgit in need of spending and we could eat til we were stuffed for less than $20 a head (drinks of all kinds could set you back an equal amount though).

On my other blog I'm having fun with Gwen Bell's the Best of 2009 Blog challenge, if you want a taste of the dish of the night, the one my scrawled notes describe as "extraordinary" then take a peak - #best09 2. meal

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Blogger Lucy said...

That is EXACTLY what I want for dinner. Yum.

8:25 am  

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