Saturday, October 04, 2008

archaeology in the kitchen

I spent a good hour chopping, stirring and chatting tonight, a most satisfying way to welcome the weekend. After thinking about it for a week or two, I made my first batch of Mauritian pickles (achard). I’ve been buying them from a deli at Vic Market and am absolutely addicted. Will let you know how they turn out once they have matured a little while.

I have to instigate my own pantry challenge sometime soon. There is a truckload of brown lentils taking up space and as much as I don’t mind lentils it takes a lot of effort to whip up any sense of enthusiasm for them I must admit. Can you make anything remotely sexy with lentils?

Next cab off the rank is beancurd skin. The use by date is this week. Though I hardly think it will go off. I bought them to make this recipe but I’ve begun playing with the stuff and will need to get another pack if I am to cook what I intended.

For lunch today I made a flat Asian omelette with spring onions, garlic and coriander and wrapped it with some mango pickle in rehydrated beancurd skin. Interesting. I’ve read they make a good gluten-free alternative for dim sum wrappers.

I bought manioc flour a month or two ago. No idea why right now. Any suggestions?

Elected to have a night at home being cooked for, over an offer to go and see roller derby in the flesh. As much as my curiosity was roused by the image of skater girls duking it out, it is an all too rare event at this end of the academic year to not be the one getting dinner on the table. I grazed on raw vegetables while making the pickles then feasted on whole flathead baked in the oven with Asian flavours and some crispy potatoes on the side. Yum!

More good news, the price of Green & Blacksdark cherry chocolate has gone down in price substantially. It is not fairtrade any more, despite showing the image on their homepage. By keeping only one product as fairtrade it seems to legitimise the use of the logo on the site. No Cadbury branding either. At least it is still certified organic and the combo of sour cherries with dark chocolate tastes just as good as it always does.

I’m almost afraid to excavate to the back of the cupboard to see what is lurking there. It’s a very small space but it amazing what is packed in there. Anyone else conducting an archaeological style dig in their store cupboard?


Blogger docwitch said...

Lentils are not very sexy are they? I mean, who has ever rolled around naked on a pile of lentils? Although I do find puy lentils a little bit sexier than brown. On the 'sexy lentil' scale, I mean.

Love the G&B cherry choc, but must admit I've been thinking of forgoing the G&B permanently because of the cadbury thing, and the choc slave industry.

11:11 am  
Blogger Johanna said...

I just posted a salad I made recently with brown lentils (confess i used tinned because needed something quick and easy) but am really loving legumes in salads lately!

have never had that chocolate but I really would love to taste it if I do see it - now if you found a block of that at the back of the pantry the clean out would be worthwhile!

11:15 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

The organic IGA grocery in Flinders St (bn Elizabeth and Flinders) is an absolute marvel. Though not sure what the clearly conventional box of mars bars was doing hiding at the end of the aisle. Other than that exception there was a stack of organic and some fair trade choc on offer. As well healthier food!

9:44 am  
Blogger curlywurlyfi said...

hmm, lentils. little salad with olives + cherry tomatoes + lots of fresh herbs, with some roasted cod/white fish perch(ahahaha)ed on top?

2:59 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Now Curly that almost sounds sexy!

8:29 am  

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