Monday, August 25, 2008

bread and circuses

Public radio is a bit like blogging. Independence allows freedom, not just from dreary top 100 play lists, mind numbing boring ads and news items pruned to keep the station owners happy but to have whole programs of food without the pressure to sell products. A local food blog seems to have got the connection and now has a sponsorship 'ad' playing at peak times on RRR.

But freedom comes at a cost and without government funding or selling out to the commercial devil, public radio needs money to stay on air.

To keep programs like Eat It on air (too busy to listen on Sunday, I'm so happy it is podcast now) as well as to have some great music and discussions to be your soundtrack in the kitchen - share the love with RRR during radiothon.

If that isn’t enough and prizes of travel or gadgets don’t interest you, food and beverage wise prizes include an espresso machine to make your friends green with envy (complete with grinder, a home coffee course and enough coffee to stop you sleeping for a year), all sorts of beer, chai and even a meal with the Breakfasters at La Luna. Or if you would prefer there is always the boot camp sessions with Fitstyler to compensate for all that over indulgence.

So roll up and subscribe to my favourite circus in town!

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Blogger Miles McClagan said...

The last circus I went to someone punched a clown, so good luck avoiding that happening! Or not...

9:08 pm  
Blogger docwitch said...

Yay! Great promotional work there AOF! I rang up and re-subscribed the Wee Girl and I the other night.

No chance of me shirking that duty is there?

8:56 am  

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