Saturday, October 27, 2007

the "I'm here in spirit" post

While I’m not cooking (or blogging about such things) I’m:

Reading cookbooks
Amusing the cats
Spending far too much time on facebook
Wishing I was off to San Francisco and New York with Pixie
Snatching moments with the Significant Eater
Being visited
Worrying about the health of my parents
Flying across the Tasman to turn worry into action
Excavating the backyard and building decks, by which I mean I’m coordinating tradies and finding ways to finance such a venture (I’m getting the feeling this is going to be bigger and longer than last years house renovation).
Writing a book proposal
Doing my GST (again)
Mouthing off about politics
Trying to get out of the house to walk more
Catching up with friends
Throwing impromptu threck* warmings
Visiting the library to find more cookbooks
Seeing art
Going to the movies
Blogging about other things (like learning latin and building strong bones)
Wishing I had more time to cook and write about food!

(*one has to invoke the goddess of the grape when a third of a deck is built!)


Blogger Lucy said...

Hope your parents' health is improving AOF - it's a long way from here to there.

I spy a book propsal in this list...any chance of a hint as to its direction?

11:11 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Lucy - it's in the guise of my working life - which falls into the NF/Health/General Wellbeing category. A rather choked market. Now if only I knew how to write a cookbook instead!

11:36 am  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

..and parents. The returning cancer fairy is still out til further investigations in hospital. Despite all the health insurance in the world he needs to wait for a public hospital bed for that one. The last trip to Wellington Public Hospital, the decorator was working with a 'Eastern Bloc' theme - 70's ripped curatins, grey peeling paint, a lack of beds and that was only 3 years ago. Can't wait to see what they've done with the place in the meantime.

11:39 am  
Blogger Lucy said...


Yes, health's a pain in the proverbial for hospital stays. The wait seems to only add to a person's condition. Hospital decor - stunning.

Book sounds great actually. Your sense of style will inevitably get you noticed despite a filling market. Good luck. Follow up's, please.

11:53 am  
Blogger Helena said...

next time you are on farcebook please ask Bwca Bwican to be your friend.

your old friend 'brownie would like you to rackoff' has closed down her blog. she thanks you for the link at Rants and you could delete it now.

9:15 pm  

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