Saturday, September 15, 2007

...and here's one I did earlier

It has been a slack week, not really, just a busy one. So in the tradition of all things media "make and bake: - here's something I prepared earlier.

One of the quickest things to whip up when friends come by is scones. In rural folklore a farmer (I was going to say farmer's wife - but all women living on farms do the work to earn the primary acolade) on seeing a visitor drive through the gate could knock out a batch of scones in the time it took them to meander up to the house.

This one is a basic Alison Holst scone recipe - with my usual twist of replacing cow's milk for soy, swapping the flour for wholemeal and with the addition of some sundried tomatoes. Great with butter - on their own or with a vegetable soup. The whole thing can be made in food processor, rolled out and into the oven in a matter of minutes.

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Blogger Cindy said...

I am a big fan of the savoury scone and will keep sun-dried tomatoes in mind as a filling. Unfortunately my slow, clumsy rubbing of butter into flour means I'm unlikely to whip them up in minutes for surprise guests! No matter how large the bowl, there is always flour on me and the couch before we're through.

6:34 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

The beauty of this is no rubbing! Just chuck it into the food processor. It is a liberating experience. I still have flashbacks to doing cooking at school - 2nd class was scone making (I think #1 was eggs - probably boiling them, Delia would have been pleased) - the boys had webbed hands fromt the dough and the teacher had to come around and save them. The girls however were all miraculously born with the scone gene and came out unscathed.

6:40 pm  

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