Wednesday, July 11, 2007

couch potato

6.30 on a Wednesday night is a challenging time for me to be home. Usually I’m slipping onto a tram at that hour and only rarely do I find myself cosily tucked up in front of the telly, which is a pity because I miss “The Cook and the Chef”.

Fortunately in a late night perusal of the ABC website I found a cache of charming shows to download and watch at my leisure on the trusty macbook. They’ve decided to break the show into segments, so you can subscribe at will to the vodcast. Simon Bryant’s explanation of why you want to use cold water in a tempura batter and resist the urge to mix it into a slurry is worth a watch, even if like me the thought of deep frying doesn’t ring your bells.

For those who don’t need action with your recipes, skip the video and go straight to the homepage, where the recipes are archived. Simon, in particular, does some great things with tofu and his creations are often vegetarian friendly.

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Blogger Lucy said...

The website's great - wrong time slot for the show methinks.

Reckon Simon's recipes are really good. Off to check out the vodcasts.

11:52 am  
Blogger Ann O'Dyne said...

I'm a 'Kitchen Potato'.
Cannot, or care not to, cook;
but I will share this with you:

Peel, quarter and cook some potatoes.

After draining, heap enormous quantity of grated mozarella on them and mash enthusiastically with a fork.

Result quickly achieves the consistency of rising bread dough.

Eat from saucepan.

Collapse, happily; it's Winter.

B vitamins & calcium.
+ satiation.
Minimal wash-up.
Don't thank me, you're welcome.

6:09 pm  

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