Thursday, July 05, 2007

breakfast pizza

Ok so I'm not quite back in the saddle yet in the kitchen but I'm trying little tricks.

My brief was to go to the Vic Market this morning as usual, but to look at it like a tourist. Instead of charging around the stalls as I always do - today I stopped for breakfast. Not my usual tofu and vegetable nori roll from Tofu Trek today - it had to be different and hot. I've too often been dissappointed with Invita, which is the closest fit for my dietary requirements. So in tourist mode I hit the take away food stalls in the Dairy Hall. If I was a carnivore the kransky's with onion would have been an obvious choice.

What caught my eye was Colour of Earth (Shop 97-98 Dairy Section). I'd had a nifty piadina there before, it had been creative but never lured me back. Eying off the mini pizzas, I innocently asked "Do you have any without cheese?" There was a Western Australian sardine creation with chilli and tomato that seemed a little strong for the hour of day, instead as if reading my mind he answered "We've got a potato one - how about that? Olives? Sundried tomato? Black pepper? Rosemary?" Perfect!

A few minutes later it popped hot out of the oven, the base thin and crispy without being dry. The flavours were great and the only thing I'd add to it in future would be garlic.

I sat down at a chilly outdoor table, a fellow shopper was looking for a seat and I was happy to share. A pleasant chat and back to shopping.

It's nice to be a traveller in your own city sometimes.

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Blogger din said...

It's nice stepping out of a rut (even if it's a good one). Have you tried the borek shop in the Dairy Hall ? (not sure of it's number - it's very close to the kransky stall). The spinach and cheese borek is good, the chickpea thingy (I don't think it's a borek) is spicy and excellent and the new zucchini roll (vegetarian take on the souvlaki) is now my preferred snack.

10:18 pm  
Blogger Another Outspoken Female said...

Yes I have - a spicey veggie one without cheese. That was my back up...but I wanted something new. They (the borek and falafel stall) tempt you with morsels hot out of the oven to lure you in - and it works!

7:41 am  

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