Thursday, March 01, 2007

we are the future of food and the media!

My rant the other day has spurred on Ed at Tomatom to arrange a little meet up for those who want talk about foodblogging and the possility of a real life (or virtual) food blog event.

All the details are at Tomatom - fellow foodies and stalkers please join us at Enoteca, in Gertrude Street, next Thursday (8th March) at 12.30.

I'll be the one with the shiny new macbook asking the waiter "Do you have anything that's meat and dairy-free?"



Blogger Mairead said...

I've just been (pathetically) re-arranging all my links so that I can read the Melbourne ones first! I think your meetup is a great idea. I will be there.

4:59 pm  

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