Thursday, March 01, 2007

more meals than words

A quickie to summarise the food oriented week:

An average meal at The Kent Hotel.

Delicious sauvignon blanc at Geralds Bar.

The Slow Food market at the Convent – delicious organic corn, oysters shucked as you wait.

The Significant Eaters makes his fist Chilli Crab (sensational).

More experimentation with fresh curry pastes – gather the spices you love and just do it (almost as sensational as the crab).

More inspirational cooking making a vegan bake – layers of grilled eggplant with a lentil/tomato filling, topped with grilled potato and paprika (very yummy).

Tamarind and chilli crab at Chin Chins at Koto Moon.

Off to the market to get inspired all over again!



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