Friday, February 23, 2007

Coming soon…

I seemed to have whipped up a few thoughts over at Tomatom. One of my high school teachers once wrote on my report “(AOF) is a catalyst”, which took me many years to cotton on to the fact she was politely calling me a stirrer. The Melbourne Food Festival people haven’t come knocking at my email box recognising their faux pas as yet unfortunately. So it’s up to us to make this happen ourselves.

Right now I am midway through changing over computers. I love my imac but the year that is beckoning suggests that a little more flexibility in where I get a chance to write means a laptop would be a darn fine idea – so a flash new macbook has entered my life. Her name is Lola…but more about that latter.

While I get used to writing without a mouse (some of the time) I’m contemplating about why I blog about food and what makes us food bloggers different to others who participate in the food industry and the media.

What brings you to these pages? Do you just like to watch? Are you a blogger yourself? Do you enjoy eating out but not cooking? Is it an osmotic relationship that you seek?

I’ll fill you in with my answers soon, but in the meantime I’ve got to learn to stop swearing at Lola’s tricky track pad and get back into the kitchen.



Blogger Desci said...

In response to your question; I come here to get inspiration on cooking good, healthy food. (Loving it, by the by).

9:51 am  
Blogger Mairead said...

I only discovered your blog today (how could it have escapted me for so long?). I browse lots of food blogs but especially those of Melbourne folks, as they are all wonderfully obsessed by food.

I have been publishing online for a few years now, but my food blog is only a few months old. I surf the blogs to get inspiration on what to eat and when to eat, and to be jealous about how well others write/photograph compared to me. Just looking at what others write about makes my mind wander, and this also feeds my inspiration.

I love some of the memes but because I am not well-known I never get tagged. I usually steal the ones I like and do them anyway!

5:58 pm  

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