Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday sunny Sunday

With a last weekend together before fleeing to respective families in far flung Antipodean cities, the Significant Eater and I had a day of total laziness planned. It began with waking far too early, but that tends to happen with big kids when presents are concerned. An espresso supped while gifts were exchanged in bed, then some bubbles (a very reasonable breakfast drop – Yellowglen Vintage cremant), while nibbling plump ripe cherries and delicious vegan truffles. Booja Booja make the most extraordinary chocolates, so creamy it’s hard to believe that no dairy has graced them. These little beauties featured banana and cognac, incredible decadence in a poplar wood box.

Once the sparking wine was finished in the bath, a simple second breakfast of a boiled egg and casalinga toast was taken in the garden. The weather gods were kind – a mid 20c day, clear sky and no smoke haze, perfect for picnicking. The basket dusted off and an effortless feast assembled: a delicious salad, dips from A1 bakery, some leftover steamed vegetables in satay sauce, mangoes and a bottle of chilled pinot noir rose.

On a rug with some cushions for comfort five hours of total indulgence were had in the local park. Under the dappled light of a large tree we chatted, ate, read books and watched the world go by. The wine went down so well, another had to be procured. I am certain that rose is the perfect picnic drop.

“I can’t believe how relaxing this is, so perfect”, the S.E uttered more than once.

A slightly early solstice greeting one and all. May you have many pleasant picnics in the months to come.

Another smoked trout salad

Smoked trout fillet, diced into decent sized pieces
Blanched asparagus
Fennel, sliced with tops reserved to garnish
Cucumber, sliced
Tomatoes, quartered
Marinated artichoke hearts, quartered
Capers, if salted – remember to rehydrate

Vinaigrette or dressing of your choice

Assemble salad, undressed, toss in a bowl then transfer to suitable container to transport. Remember to pack the dressing in a screw top jar. Pack on ice.

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