Monday, September 04, 2006

5 things to eat before you die (we'll at least I think so)

We interupt this detox with a little meme inspired daydreaming.

An amazing worldwide foodblog request originating from The Travellers Lunchbox asks what have you eaten that you think everyone else should taste before they die? So what are my top 5 (apologies to vegans and those allergic to seafood).

1. Trout freshly caught from a New Zealand mountain river, smoked over manuka branches.

2. A real boullibasse in the South of France (this was even more fabulous due to the awful travel story behind it).

3. Barbecued swordfish, which had been swimming in the ocean earlier that day, in a coastal town in Crete.

4. Crayfish caught by a friend - cooked and eaten just as it came, Matapouri, Far North of New Zealand.

5. My mothers chocolate mousse (which I promise to make and blog before the year is out)

And yours?



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