Monday, May 29, 2006

Sated 2

My weekend in food:
Friday night - after going to a lecture at the NGV and seeing the Pissarro exhibition – dinner at River. Very nice fish dish – blue eye, prawn wantons, snow peas and bean shoots in a spicy broth reminiscent of a tom yum. Plus some extra vegetables and someone ordered fries. A couple of glasses of Scotchman’s Hill Pinot.

Saturday – a cup of black coffee, Scrambled eggs, a persimmon, 2 mandarins, 2 feijoas, water. A rather disappointing meal at a new Moroccan restaurant – nice marinated olives, sloppy under spiced dips and bits on a mezze plate, an average vegetarian harrira. Half a glass of beer.

Sunday – Coffee with cardamom in the bath. Sautéed mushrooms on rye toast with avocado and sheep’s cheese. 2 tuna nori rolls. Water. Dinner at the Kent Hotel, seafood spaghetti, with spinach, rocket, pumpkin and pine nut salad. Another delicious peninsula pinot noir. 2 glasses of Grand Marnier with a selection of chocolates and nougat. Lots of mineral water.

Note to self: need to eat clean, fresh food at home this week.



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