Thursday, December 29, 2005

Summer grazing

One of the things I enjoy most about this time of year is the freedom of not living by the clock. While on holiday I take off my watch and meander through the day. My stomach, likewise is fed by it’s own rhythm. The necessity of breakfast, lunch and dinner melts into either a day of continuous grazing, or a brunch and an evening meal…or lucky days like Tuesday which was one slutty crawl beginning with a Big Vegetarian Breakfast, a beer at Southgate after viewing the Archibald, a late lunch upstairs at the Stokehouse and when night fell wound up with delicious cocktails* and finger food (wonton wrapped prawns, vegetable filled rice paper rolls and shoestring fries) at Polly.

While grazing yesterday I concocted a delicious smoked eel salad, a perfect balance between acid and fat, soft and crunch.

Chop up smoked eel fillets (leftover from Xmas)
Dice cucumber and tomato
Thinly slice fennel and spring onion
Combine with the juice of a lemon, a dash of olive oil and some cracked pepper

Lounge on the chaise in the sun and consume.

* Hazelnut Caipiroska: Zubrowka Vodka, Fresh Lime and Frangelico

Red Stiletto: Vodka, Fresh Berries, Boudier Peach Liqueur, Raspberry Puree and a hint of Ginger.



Blogger Ed Charles said...

Stokehouse upstairs: great view expensive food. I'm all for the smoked eel though. There again I can't complain about exe food: coming soon Palazo Versace.

8:48 pm  

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