Sunday, November 13, 2005

sweet cheeks

Mangoes herald spring, the return of sunshine, lazy days, sweet times. They make me feel patriotically Australian, one of the finest fruit found in my adopted land. Growing up in New Zealand I never saw a mango. I was a teenager before the exotic avocado hit town (and how bland and strange we found it!). Stone fruits were the taste of summer and the only tropical fruits of note were the occasional pineapple and herbaceous banana.

There is no simpler breakfast than a mango cut into cheeks and consumed in exquisite bites.

They also go well with:
A squeeze of fresh lime juice
Blended in a smoothie
Organic strawberries (nothing lesser will do)
Strawberries and a splash of grand marnier, but perhaps not for breakfast
Daiquiris (ditto)

But ideally they are best consumed simple, nude, luscious, dripping…

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Blogger Shauna said...

Gorgeous shot. I adore mangoes, and I can't seem to mess them up by mixing them with anything else!

Hey, thanks for linking to my blog, by the way. I'm happy to have discovered yours.

5:34 am  

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