Friday, December 23, 2005


In my haste I only took $100 with me to the Vic Market today, which is almost twice as much as a weekly shop. I knew there would be a few extras, but nothing too extraordinary as I do not have to provide a festive spread. It soon became clear that this would not suffice, after I had bought a few luxuries, especially with the Christmas week price hike.

So in the most expensive week of the year, how much do you get for $100?

Organic produce: Fruit – cherries, a few peaches, apricots, avocados. (There’s usually much more fruit but the cherries blew the budget at $20/kg) Veges – potato, 1 sweet potato, brown onions, a couple of red onions, mixed lettuce leaves. 2 cucumber, squash (labelled zuccini but at this size its pushing it a bit), carrots, tomatoes (Ok technically a fruit), a handful of asparagus, ginger, 2 bulbs of garlic (@$35/kg) and a free chilli!
1 dozen eggs (I don’t care if they are twice the price I just can’t do battery anymore)

Conventional: fresh shitake mushrooms, lemons, 3 small mangoes, a bunch of spring onions. Oats. 1 smoked eel (it’s a kiwi thing).

Extras: chocolate – Lindt ‘intense lemon’, Pink Lady dark coated orange peel, 1/2 dozen of the best dolmades in the world, medium tub of babaganoush,

For the resident carnivore: 1 kg of pet quality diced beef.

Change: $1.10

It doesn’t look a lot but enough to make the weight of my backpack put my neck out. Glad I still have some other veges left in the crisper.

What’s been on your shopping list this week?

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Blogger scarlett said...

a whole blog on food eh? why not? after stuffing myself silly on christmas day i have found that i've haven't been hungry all day today. I've had 2 shortbread biscuits, ( i made vanilla shortbread as gifts for my family), red rock thai, ginger and lime chips, (they just taste so good), 3 mint slices, 2 mint lindt balls and that's about it. ok, so not the healthiest day but i just got a bottle of red so i can make some fab tomato pasta sauce. If i could change my identity on here, for this page it would be carbohydrates...

6:51 pm  
Blogger Brownie said...

my shopping list comprised my regular

genuine free range eggs from the feed store
(where the etiquette is to take the carton of one's previous dozen back)
and my usual buckwheat mix for pancakes.
Was your garlic Australkian grown?
We must avoid China produce as they put evil stuff on it.
and avoid bargain spices too - they have poisonous chemicals.
I was pleased to see the farmpride problems on the business news and feel that the Great Chicken God has struck them with revenge.

1:04 am  
Anonymous Charlotte said...

I know this is a very old entry, but if you don't mind, would you share where in vic market you get the best dolmades?

6:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A greek deli, takes up 2 stalls, near Swords (on same side) - named after the woman who owns it but who's name I can't remember :)
AOF (remotely logging in, can't remember password :)

2:53 pm  

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