Saturday, July 26, 2008

the final Tassie treasures

A few last words on Hobart town.

My return flight to the mainland was ridiculously cheap but the price meant it was to be carry on luggage only. The weather necessitated some bulky clothing and there was only a little space left in my daypack.

Other than the cake, I managed to slip in a couple of tokens. The honey porter had meant to be sampled before leaving, however the lack of a bottle opener for the crown seal thwarted that one (my trusty Swiss army knife no longer travels the globe with me in the post September 11 world). I’m not a huge beer fan but thought this brewed in the bottle number from Taverner's sounded interesting. On tasting it reminded me of UK Real Ale. There was an odd, not entirely appetising nose but the flavour was a touch floral with a remnant of honey.

My travelling companion had sought out the unheated honey that she’d seen featured in an SBS program. Made by a French apiarist in the authentic style of his homeland, the honey is thick and white. At first glance it appeared like creamed honey. The texture is slightly granular and dense. With a few flavours on offeri the Prickly Box stood out as the most distinctive. You can read more about Miellerie Honey and it’s maker in this recent piece from The Mercury.

Time to head out to the Slow Food Market and meet up with some fellow bloggers. See you there!

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Blogger Ed said...

Glad you found the honey. just had prickly box on my sour dough. Fantastic stuff. Did you see him on SBS?

11:04 am  
Blogger Melba said...

hey AOF. good to meet you yesterday. despite the chill, it was a nice thing to do. but more heat next time please!?

princess is feeling better today. i think the spice helped her nasal passages.


6:26 pm  

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